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Remember curling up on your couch and watching reruns of FRIENDS, and finding comfort in the quirky characters and relatable situations? Watching it again feels like a warm hug from your closest friends, the kind we all wish for in our lives.  It’s the beginning of an era, with Naelofar collaborating with the iconic sitcom to create a captivating collection that celebrates the enduring power of friendship bonds.

Introducing the limited-edition FRIENDS x Naelofar The OCD Stain Eraser, your new BFF for battling those pesky stains on the go. This isn't your average stain remover, it is a gentle yet effective cleanser made with purified water, moisturizers, and mild detergents. Avoid embarrassing moments and erase your stain away - we’re sure even Monica Geller will approve!

  • - Directions to remove stains: * 1. Squeeze excess water from the wipes directly onto the stain. * 2. Rub the stain with wipes until bubbles form. Repeat until stain is gone. * 3. Let dry and rinse the affected area after with water to reduce ring marks if needed.
  • - Material: Textured wet tissue
  • - Fresh scent
  • - Clothing stain remover
  • - Contains textile micellar water
  • - Removes most stains including makeup except some coloured food stain
  • - Removes most enzymatic stains, oxidisable stains, particulate stains, and oil stains
  • - Comes in a set of 3 packets
  • - 10 sheets per packet; comes in a set of 3 packets

*Actual product colour may vary slightly due to screen resolution, material, and dyeing process